Space Cowboys

En 1958, les astronautes Frank Corvin, Hawk Hawkins, Jerry O'Neill et Tank Sullivan se préparent pour une mission spatiale mais, au dernier moment, la Nasa leur préfère un singe. Quarante-deux ans plus tard, le satellite russe de communication Ikon menace de s’écraser sur la Terre. Corvin est le seul homme capable de maitriser l'antique système de guidage, calqué sur celui qu'il avait conçu quelques décennies plus tôt pour Skylab. Il accepte la mission, à condition que ses trois compagnons partent avec lui...


  1. Anon 24.09.18

    This looks sick as frick

  2. Anon 24.09.18

    At 1:29 I thought he was gonna say \"I am gonna need the suit back\" lol

  3. Anon 24.09.18


  4. Anon 24.09.18

    Could this lead to a sequel including Carnage as a villain? I hope so

  5. Anon 24.09.18

    is Space Cowboys r-rated?

  6. Anon 24.09.18

    fukin dope

  7. Anon 24.09.18

    #6 trending in Italy

  8. Anon 24.09.18

    If God isnt real,explain this Atheists!

  9. Anon 24.09.18

    ... and no 4K. Really?

  10. Anon 24.09.18

    what a lovely lovely voice

  11. Anon 24.09.18

    Looks like this will be an amazing movie, i am waiting for it

  12. Anon 24.09.18

    Mai to dar gai kese dekh lete ho ap sab log itni darawani movies

  13. Anon 24.09.18


  14. Anon 24.09.18

    Sony and Fox are better for Marvel films than Disney. I wish they were the ones doing the MCU. They would do it faithfully.

  15. Anon 24.09.18

    You should be extremeeeeely afraid....... of my acting.

  16. Anon 24.09.18

    Is it me or does the music sound like the avengers infinity wars trailer music but maybe with a few less notes?

  17. Anon 24.09.18

    Oh look. They turned Space Cowboys into Prototype.

  18. Anon 24.09.18

    Get ready spider man ߔߔߔ

  19. Anon 24.09.18

    The CGI is shit...I hope Sony don't ruin it.

  20. Anon 24.09.18

    Wasn't it leaked that Space Cowboys is in this movie for 10 minutes?

  21. Anon 24.09.18

    Does this tie in to mcu

  22. Anon 24.09.18

    AND NO SPIDER-MAN??!! I’m watching this!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Anon 24.09.18

    We like

  24. Anon 24.09.18

    Who reads the comments before checking the vid??

  25. Anon 24.09.18

    역시 영화배급사는 소니 픽쳐스

  26. Anon 24.09.18

    So, Space Cowboys is half Bane!

  27. Anon 24.09.18

    This movie is gonna be awesome

  28. Anon 24.09.18

    Está parecendo Spawn,rsrrsr.

  29. Anon 24.09.18

    I'm expecting a movie Carnage, thx!

  30. Anon 24.09.18

    Am I the only one who thinks that the voice for Space Cowboys sounds like Zeltrax from power rangers Dino thunder

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